Why Law Enforcement Should Be Legal Enforcement Essay

1071 Words Dec 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The is no intrinsic irony that despite the fact that the majority of the industrialized world has some sort of interaction with computers and the internet on a daily bases it still seems as though the police attitude towards cybercrimes is that it should be handled through specialized units or task forces even though for better or worse the statistical reality is as mentioned before if law enforcement is to remain relevant and at the forefront of law enforcement tends this must be a process that must be taken up by all members of the community, least ignorance be the deicing factor thus allowing criminals savvy to this fact to take advantage of it (39). The mantel of cybercrime prevention must be taken up by local law enforcement so it is very necessary that personal involvement on part of all law enforcement officers when it comes to cybercrime and its prevention and not be solely relegated to specialized groups within the law enforcement community. To help elevate these issues minimum training and and educational requirement should be expected of members of law enforcement when it comes to computer science and cybercrimes, development and fostering these ways of thinking in policy and the nomenclature of daily law enforcement activity is paramount in combating cybercime and cyberterror. Although research is limited on the desired participation of law enforcement personnel this should not deter the active recruitment and training programs of local law enforcement…

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