Why John F Kennedy Was A Good President Essay

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John F. Kennedy was president from 1961 until his death in 1963. Many Americans view him as a great president; however, this view is distorted because of his horrific death. Any person killed by a communist extremist is considered a great, especially if that person is unarmed and vulnerable. As in the case of John F. Kennedy, he was completely ignorant of Lee Harvey Oswald and his objective and although fell victim to the radicalism of communism, he did was simply not the great president everyone thought he was. He is remembered as one, though, just because of how he died. Although he was not the great president, as many thought he was, he was a good president and did help America succeed in the three years of his presidency. In chapter one …show more content…
Kennedy announced to the world that Cuba has missiles that were aiming towards the United States (pg. 116). The Soviet Union had supplied the materials and builders in Cuba to construct missile launch sites, which were capable of launching nuclear missiles as far as Montana (pg. 108). Kennedy realized his mistake by not informing the people of America about the conflict in Cuba, so he informed the country of what the situation was, instead of keeping them ignorant and unaware of the situation, and inform that the government will do anything to prevent the missiles from being fired. (pg. 107) Given the situation, the president had four options: small bombing run, massive bombing run, naval blockade, and the last resort, full scale invasion. Kennedy decided to try to decrease the threat of military action, therefore, he ordered the navy to blockade Cuba to prevent the last of the nuclear materials from reaching Cuba. After thirteen long days, the USSR stops all ships with missile products and beings to deconstruct the missile launch sites. The Cuban Missile Crisis ended and because of Kennedy 's unwavering resolve that the missiles would not be fired, they were not and that saved countless lives. Although he did not immediately resolve the issue as he had not done on previous occasions, in the end, he was able to not choose the options that would launch America into a nuclear war against the Soviet Union. His ability to take a situation and be able to take the right course of action and execute it, was the reason why he had a mildly successful

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