John F Kennedy Informative Essay

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John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy was thirty-fifth president of the US. He was the first young president to ever being elected into office and with whom youths in the country associated with as serving president born in the 20th century by the time of his presidency. He played a crucial role in the US history after addressing the Cuban Missile Crisis and began a movement to assist developing nations improve the living standards of their citizens. Kennedy accomplishes changed the course of history in the US before his assassination.
Kennedy was born and raised in Massachusetts as the second born child in his family. His parents were Joseph Kennedy and Rose Kennedy. Kennedy’s family was vigorous in politics, a factor that persuaded his brother,
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After losing the nomination as Democratic vice president in 1956, he decided to run for president. After announcing his candidacy in 1960, he made a swift tour throughout the US and won the Democratic primaries in several states and qualified for candidacy for the presidential seat of the US. It was not easy for Kennedy to win a presidential seat because Republican candidate Richard Nixon was the vice, president. Also, Kennedy was a controversial candidate by the fact that he was a Roman Catholic. Religion bias and dislike related to religion cost him more than a million votes in the state of Illinois. He strategically responded to the issue of religion and argued that there was a separation between state and church affairs. He asserted that religion matter could not affect his decisions he was to make once elected as the president. Kennedy understood the importance of television debate with Nixon. He revealed he had a sense of humor, sense of the past and love of language and the viewers believed he won with his style. Kennedy becomes the youngest president and the first Roman Catholic candidate to have ever been elected to office in November 1960. He won by only 119,450 votes; an election with was closest to the country’s history. During his inauguration ceremony, his slogan was ‘Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For …show more content…
It was a civil war between communist forces in the north and anti-communist in the south part of Vietnam. Kennedy’s idea of the war was that the scale of war was unimaginable and increased the number of troops participating in the war. His decision sought to prove to USSR that he could not be intimidated (Chomsky 150).
Kennedy was fully aware of the dangers associated with the presidency. He was assassinated during a visit in Dallas, Texas on November1963 as he was driving down the street in an open top vehicle. Lee Oswald assassinated the presidents and was later killed. Up to date, there are numerous conspiracy theories related to the assassination (Lesar, Thomas, Mack, and Barrett 12).
Conclusively, Kennedy changes the course of history in the US after being elected as the first president. He sought to improve the lives of less fortunate people in the US and the world through social welfare programs (Barnes 71). Kennedy was a respected president who prevented third World War and will truly be missed for his outstanding

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