JFK Argumentative Essay

Although many important people deserve to have a holiday dedicated to them. Such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, but John F. Kennedy is one of the best example of who deserves to have a holiday based on them and their achievement and what they have done for the world or their country. JFK deserves a day that is all about him because of the many things he did and achieved before he was president, what he did during his presidency, and how his presidency had an impact on the people of america. In addition Kennedy is one of the few great presidents we have had, that should have a holiday. First of all John F.Kennedy was a great president but before he was the leader of our country he had did things that will make him …show more content…
Kennedy 's death was such a devastation. As stated “ About 250,000 people, young and old, rich and poor, Republicans and Democrats, passed by his flag-draped coffin in the Capitol Rotunda to pay their respects". No matter a person 's political party the all showed up to bid farewell. All those people showed up because not only did Kennedy 's family suffer a tremendous loss but America did as well. The people of the U.S. didn 't feel safe after Kennedy was murdered. For example "To many, Kennedy 's assassination marked the end of America 's innocence". This statement shows that when Kennedy was president he gave the people a sense of security and now that he was murder they feel as they are no longer safe at all. Lyndon Johnson knew that without the security of the man who shot JFK to get the people of America to feel safe once again he wouldn 't be successful. "Lyndon Johnson, who was sworn in as president one hour and a half hours after Kennedy died,appointed a committee to investigate the assassination". As Johnson 's first priority he knew it was to find the killer and bring justice to the U.S. to bring back or slowly bring back the security that was once there. In short the death of John F. Kennedy created major havoc in the states and it took away the security and safeness that people once knew was there. Such great devastation shows you that he was such a great leader of the U.S. that his passing took away the safety of the people. He deserves a holiday beast his impact on the people was

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