Informative Essay: The Road Worth Traveling

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The Road Worth Traveling During their high school careers, individuals may begin to question whether or not a college education is important, let alone beneficial. For many high school students, acquiring a stable income and securing a job are appealing thoughts to most. While it may be true pursuing a college, education is probably one of the biggest expenses you will face, the importance of a higher education has become quite evident in terms of potential earnings in today’s society. However, college receives different perspectives from different lenses and some would agree college isn’t and shouldn’t have to be for everyone, while it may be considered the road well-traveled. Experts question if a college degree continues to hold its value and worth. The US News explains the detrimental factors associated with pursuing a college degree which has become a disturbing issue still to this day. The article mentions the expenses of college as it compared to twenty years ago, and how it has exceeded its maximum limit. “CDWI” Essentially this …show more content…
For instance, we all have different needs and desires about what we want to do with our lives and the career we tend to choose. College is not the top pick for everyone and it should be critically thought about in terms of the reason why or why not to travel down that road. Furthermore, to consider realistically if having a college degree or not would be best suited in one’s interest. Statistics show a direct correlation between dropouts and lack of interest to be significant. Quite obvious that’s money wasted down the drain. Perhaps, if the path chosen was well thought out and planned better they wouldn’t have wasted their time, let alone drop out. Overall, you are the one who knows what is best for you which makes it reasonable for people to take time to consider all their options of furthering an education and find what best fits for

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