Assignment 1: Social Media And Formal Communication

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Since the launch of Social Media in 1997, personal and formal communication has completely transformed. No more are the times of writing letters to a pen pal or sending telegrams. People strive on communication to build their professional and personal relationships; so it only makes sense that communication would evolve as well and become more convenient. The earliest identifiable form of Social Media is Six Degrees; which launched in 1997. Users could upload pictures and start a friendship with other users of the site. Followed by blogging which exploded Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and MySpace. In 2006, Facebook and Twitter became worldwide and to date are still the most common form of Social Media.
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In my personal job, my employer hired a focus group to develop a new marketing technique to draw new and different prospective customers and also, offer new products to all customers. The focus group monitored every aspect of operation of the business. Employees later discovered after the focus group concluded their research, the focus group also critiqued our Facebook pages without the employees’ consent. Some of the employees were genuinely upset as “strangers” were peering on our personal lives and invaded their right of privacy for research for their job.
My views are indecisive on this issue. I do believe my life is my life outside of “being on the clock” and should not be judged on my work ethic. However, our company has an extremely community based reputation, so if there is someone portraying themselves in an illegal or disrespectful manner I understand if the employer needs to know ways an employee conducts their self outside of work. Nevertheless, the employee or potential employee should not be judged by any posts, likes or shares in a legal point of view and should always have the opportunity to defend anything that is posted on Social Media. Many times, posts may be easily misinterpreted by a

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