Why Is Police Corruption Be Prevented? Essay

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Constants Identified as Causes of Corruption
Before it is possible to consider ways in which police corruption may be prevented, it is important to understand what may contribute to police corruption and what makes it possible. Scholarly literature is rather consistent in identifying key issues in the development of corrupt practices within police organizations and the officers that work at them. Discretion on the part of police officers is a constant that has been identified as a contributing cause of police corruption.
Police officers have considerable freedom to exercise discretion when determining whether or not to enforce particular laws in particular situations. This considerable amount of discretion creates an opportunity for such decisions to be influenced by possibilities of material or financial gain (Newburn, 1999). Another aspect of discretion that can possibly lead to corrupt behaviors and decisions concerns the existence of internal and external conflict about the goals of policing. These conflicts occur when groups within the police organization adopt goals that are different of the organization. In these instances, pressure from the group may lead to corrupt decisions being made to accommodate the group as opposed to the organization.
Low levels of supervision for police officers create added opportunities for officers to engage in corrupt activities. Police officers assigned to uniform patrol and undercover assignments are frequently dispersed…

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