Argumentative Essay: Is Attending College Worth It?

Becoming a high school student is where it starts and sometimes end, but keep in mind what you want to be and how will you get there. While some believe going to college is not worth it because there is jobs that pay well without needing a college degree. Others however believe that attending college is worth it because the unemployment rate for college graduate versus a high school graduate is far less. With that, is going to college worth it? Attending college is worth it because you can secure yourself a job, earn a lot of money, and it is important to some americans. First of all, attending college is worth it because you can secure yourself a job. Finding and getting hired with a college degree is easier and it gives you options. …show more content…
Earning a lot of money can let you live a somewhat comfortable life. It also allows you to provide for your family. According to Rotherham, “... (The) median weekly earnings for someone with some college but no degree were $712 compared to $1038 for a college graduate.” (Rotherham. p 80). In other words going to college lets yourself earn more money and if you were to do the math you earn $326 more than a person who went to college but has no degree. This quote supports the stance as to why college is worth it because it shows that you do earn more money than a high school graduate that only has a diploma. Another reason why attending college is worth it because it is important to some Americans. People who went to high school and tried their very best to get an A in every class usually want to go to college. According to Vedder, “ I would say graduates in the top quarter of their class should go on to a four- year degree program.” (Vedder p 79). In other words those who worked the highest and are ranking high in their classes should go to college. This quote supports my stance as to why it is worth it to go to college because it shows that the hard workers deserve and is important to go to

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