Why Is College Tuition Constantly Rising? Essay

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Why is college tuition constantly rising? Will tuition ever go back down to affordable levels?
These have been big questions for students and parents over the past years. A new report has the answers to the questions. There are two main things that affect the price of tuition, one is that the college spends more. That could mean paying faculty more, or building more sports arenas, or conducting more research, they then raise tuition to help cover the costs.
The second is that the college needs to ask students to pay more to fund current spending. If the government were to cut spending on local colleges the college usually raises tuition rather than cut spending within the college. “In some cases, such as at community colleges (which educate about half of the nation 's college students), tuition has risen while spending on classroom instruction has actually fallen. At public colleges especially, the current economic troubles will likely only accelerate the trend of rising prices and classroom cutbacks, says Jane Wellman, the author of the report. After analyzing income and spending statistics that nearly 2,000 colleges reported to the federal government, Wellman concludes: ‘Students are paying more and, arguably, getting less in the classroom.’ “ (Kim Clark)
The biggest reason for rising college costs is recent cuts in state spending. “Between 1987 and 2012, government spending for colleges has declined from $8,497 to $5,906 per student.”
The second reason is rising costs.…

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