Why I Was Returning Won The Day Essay

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Making the decision the return to college was one of the most difficult of my life. Multiple factors have affected my chose cost, time, and life issues to name a few. However, when it came down to it, the reasons for why I was returning won the day. My motivations were ultimately the most important influence in making such an important decision. Were my desires relevant, sustainable, and/or achievable. After reflection and planning, I believe my motivations for choosing to go back to college are not only relevant but will ultimately contribute to my success in completing my degree.
The major reason I want to pursue my degree is because I value myself enough to make the investment. Throughout my career, I have invested my time and energy into others success. Two years ago I created a business with my fiancé to help him advance in his career. I spent a lot of energy building and branding a business that began to flourish. Although I am delighted with its success, I starting thinking “Wow! I’m not remotely interested in flooring and I was able to do this!” And then I began to think if I put even a little of this energy into myself what I could achieve. For the past couple of years, my main focus had been GT Flooring, but I still have goals of my own. The training that I have are enough to get me where I wanted to go, just at a much slower and more difficult pace. Without a degree, I found myself limited in the ability to learn what I need to know. Attending college is the…

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