Why I Was A Kid Essay

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When I was a kid, I would always hear my mom and the other adults talk about how “they” were going to move “us” out and come back to the city. “They” was a reference to white people and “us” referred to minorities in the inner city. This was back in Milwaukee in the early 1980’s, now every city that I go to and visit this “myth” seems to follow. It wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta and over the last ten years, I saw the city change right before my very eyes. I noticed nice condos going up in Midtown Atlanta, nice homes being built in East Atlanta and expensive apartments in areas like the West End and Sweet Auburn District. After seeing some of the prices for these new apartments and homes, I knew there was no way that the current residences could afford to stay in these areas. Atlanta was going “Hollywood”, the buildings got taller, residential homes were demolished quickly, literally replacing five to ten families with buildings that housed hundreds of apartments. With more affluent people moving into the area, upscale restaurants were opened, the sidewalks widened, the traffic got more dense and white people were taking carefree walks in the “hood”. Reading articles like Crane’s “Is Atlanta Still Affordable” made me remember those conversations that my mother use to have with her girlfriends, “they” were moving “us” out to cater to new group of people.

Gentrification is a hot topic in Atlanta currently, as blighted neighborhoods are being gutted and bulldozed…

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