I Want To Be A Social Worker Essay

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I wanted to be a social worker because, social workers do more than delegate, dictate, and direct. They are leaders, who help others achieve their highest potential. Social workers empower professionalism, competent leaders in healthcare, and many other facilities. Human services are constantly adopting new policies, and trends with new rules and regulations under the government; which is what fascinated me to study this field. Some of the needs of my own are likely to be met by serving as a social worker is to learn how to lead, organize, and deliver care in an increasingly challenging, also rapidly changing environment. In addition, how to be passionate, dynamic, and have a motivational influence on the other people. Reasoning being is Social workers should, also always be solution-focused, and seek …show more content…
Even though, I do not know the exact path of social work careers I want to focus on as of today, I do want to study this until I can get my master in clinical psychology. Also, I like the fact that this career offers many different paths and flexibility: when later in life I become licensed in clinical psychology. So, the idea of what population I would like to work with did not changed since I never decided yet, hopefully by the end of next year I would choose one of the paths to pursue. One thing I learned in this class is learning how to deal with different cultures and respecting cultural competences. Basically, understanding not every culture has the same core values, ethics or ideology as mine. Finally, social worker is not a flied for everyone, because it is easy to get burned out in these profession, so everyone has to take good care of themselves and make themselves hobbies they love other than jobs their

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