Essay on Why I Want For My Career

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In order to achieve success in Legal foundations of business, it is important for me to understand the information on the syllabus as this is what will be expected of me. If I want to be top of the class I need to be an overachiever. I will commence my journey to success by arriving to class early. If I miss class, I will end up missing valuable information that helps me understand the material. In order to prevent this from occurring, I will leave my home an hour and a half early in order to ensure that I make it on time and receive full credit for the day. From the few days I have been enrolled on the course, I understand that it will be rigorous but it will allow me for me to grow intellectually. The rule of thumb is to study for two to three hours for each hour in class. Reading and comprehending the material at is important because the questions asked by the professor are based on it. Participation plays a pivotal role in acing the course. By bringing my laptop and notes, it will show Professor Shannon that I am prepared and ready to engage in the class discussion.
Furthermore, this course requires public speaking as well as analyzing and interpreting court cases thoroughly. I will prepare efficiently in order to have a great presentation and be ready to defend my argument on the court case. I will also utilize critical thinking throughout the course. I am not the greatest public speaker, but based on the structure of the course, throughout the year I will get out of…

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