Why I Taught Doesn 't Come From The Lessons Essay

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The reason to teach doesn’t come from the lessons a book can teach us, but comes from a passion and drive within us to give others those lessons. Teaching requires an acquired taste from people, for it does not appear as an easy job, nor will it ever. While I have always had a desire to serve others through educating, I can only give thanks to my educator-filled family and prior teachers for catalyzing this drive in me.
Teaching has always had some impact in my life, whether from my family influences or my own aspirations. Two out of five of my aunts were elementary teachers, my mother taught at a day care, my step-mother taught German at a Christian school, and my father currently studies to become one as well. Their experiences in teaching have been what formed me into the well-behaved child that I am, and always taught me to question why things in life happened. The combination of their teaching styles have always taught me to thirst for more information than what is easily stated, and to always dig deeper than what appears on the surface, whether in the intellectual or emotional sense. Without their experiences of teaching various grades in four different states and overseas in England, I doubt that I would have even thought of teaching as well. From a young age that desire to do so began to pour out of me. For I would set up my ice chest desk and have my siblings or dolls “go to school” and I would grade each of the little lessons I made up. By the time I left…

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