Why I Started Down At The Old Naval Base Essay

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After watching Trouble the Water my I am just stunned on what happened because this is the first time I’m able to comprehend what was happening since I was only nine years old when Katrina hit. Growing up I’ve seen the after effects of Katrina and never really considered how that effected other people I just thought that the situation was awful. Now thanks to Kim I’ve seen what it did to the people of New Orleans. Highways were at a standstill people couldn’t leave because they couldn’t afford to and they weren’t given the proper time to prepare due to a poor job of communication. The entire state was flipped upside down and everyone was diverting the blame to someone else inside of helping the people it effected.
There was one thing that shocked me the most about this documentary and that’s the story Scott said about how they went down to the old Naval base looking for shelter the base was basically shut down with only a few people there. All they wanted to do was to have a place to stay for the night one night is all the wanted and what did our government do they treated them like criminals and pointed guns right in there face. Now that’s just wrong on so many levels first they already lost everything and have nowhere to go second they didn’t pose any immediate danger so why would you point a gun in there face. I just think that the government at the time did a very substandard job in helping the people after the Hurricane. Kim put it best when she said “If you have no…

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