Essay about Why I Shouldn 't Be Controlled By Greed

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If I found an envelope full of money I would take probably I don’t want to be controlled by greed that’s how you lose people that are close to you so I would return it unless no one cared. Stuff will change you I would become a bad person I can already tell from what I do already I used to steal stuff so greed would take me over it would bring me over to the darkness. If you are a positive person you will probably stay the same way but if it does change your personal self then give the money up that’s exactly what I would do if I ever changed I would give the money back because I never want to change. Some people are animals they will ravage you those are called fiends and they will try to take it like thieves. That is one of the reasons I would not take the money in the envelope because I know people would only like me because I have money and they would use me to the fullest extent. Three reasons I would take or not take the money it would change me I live ghetto I’m used to living poor but I don’t want my family to be hood and broke for the rest of their lives. But the three reasons I would or wouldn’t take the money are.
My family is broke I would take the money to change their future I don’t need money I’m the type of person to feed my dogs before I eat. But me I’m used to living broke so I would not take the money because it would change my train of thought my mind would be in a whole other world. My thoughts on money is money is the devil on earth people kill for…

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