Why I Should Join The Investment Management Club Essay

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The Problem I want to solve

From the moment I stepped foot on campus I’ve continuously wondered “how I can use this education as an investment that will pay off down the line?“. That is still my question and its most likely not going to change unless I have a huge shift in character.

Outcomes and Activities

• Well-paying Job
• Deep understanding of my major
• Large network of professionals in my desired field
In order to successfully meet all these goals there are many clubs, activities and people that I need to be involved in a meet. In order to meet my first goal, I should join the investment management club. For my desired field there is no better placements, internships and jobs than the ones coming out of the IMC. Going to as many career fairs is also going to be essential. For understanding my major I’m going to too look past it. In other words, I’m going to explore other aspects of the business world to better understand my major. By seeing how other driplines effect mine I can better understand it. Networking is a perceived as a very difficult task but in reality it consists of 2 things, having the guts to talking to people and knowing what you are saying while you are talking. This is why I want to take numerous public speaking and debate courses throughout my time at IU.

My Successful College Career Would Look Like…

A well respected and high paying job at a large company that I feel passionately about. This checks off all the boxes when…

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