Why I Should Become A Teacher Essay

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Honestly, I do not want to become a teacher what so ever. I have always been frustrated with the American school system, and have always seen more wrong than good. For instance, it frustrates me to no end what we focus on in schools: we no longer focus on the basics of life and how students will grow to interact with their environments, succeeding on what is already built around them. No, instead we now focus on standardized tests, and our jobs now literally depend on how our students pass these tests. We are lacking greatly as a country in the world when it comes to education.
When I become a teacher, because I really have no other choice right now, I intend to go back to my roots in Oklahoma and teach at an Indian school, fighting for better education for them and my future children. It is not their fault that they were born Native. As a born Native child, if the blood percentage is enough, they are automatically carded. This is basically the government’s way of “recognizing” who is really Native and who is not. This is by no means a GOOD thing. In all, as we have the lowest mortality rate in this country and live in literal third-world country “governmentally specialized areas for Natives,” or reservations, the education department is more than forgetful about these kids compared to other non-carded American citizens. But of course, you won’t learn anything about that in schools nowadays as history has become incredibly selective on what we teach and what we do not when…

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