The Importance Of A Career In The Early Education Field Of Education

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Career and College Research Paper
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teachers explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” (“A Quote by William Arthur Ward”). I believe strongly that a teacher can change the life of her or his students. My dream job is to work in the Early Education field of teaching, specifically I would like to be a kindergarten teacher. Teaching is more than it appears. As I have learned, it involves handling kids from good homes, kids from abusive homes, spending long hours working on lesson plans, grading papers, planning holiday parties, and working to make sure your kids are understanding and able to grasp what you are teaching them. As well as trying to make it a fun and safe environment
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I will be going to the Education and Professional Studies part of the school when I finish my basics. The tuition for a school like UCO will be around $5,034 and total with cost of house and board and other fees it will be around $13,934.83 (“Doyle”). Thankfully UCO is a very kind school when it comes to scholarships and financial aid, many students have help with paying for the college and to go to UCO you don’t have to be a very affluent person. I am going because based on many of the things I have heard about this wonderful school it is one of the top teaching schools in the state as well as having a great campus and friendly …show more content…
I plan to go just for my Bachelors Degree so hopefully it will take me around four years to complete college and begin being a teacher, it may take longer due to different things that can come up during the school year or if I am having issues with getting all of the things I need to graduate but hopefully it will only be the four years I am shooting for.
For UCO the requirements for an undergraduate coming from just graduating high school are a 20 composite score on the ACT, a combined score from math and reading of 940 on the SAT or a non weighted grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 and you must be in the upper half of your class ranking. When I finish my basics to be able to move on I have to maintain a C or higher in my supportive coursework and pass the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) as well (“University of Central

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