Why I Should Become A Police Officer Essay

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When I was a young child, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I always thought that I would graduate high school, then college, and then law school. However, when I was 14 years old a recruiter came to my house to recruit my older sister; it was then that I decided to enlist in the military. I must admit that I only took the pre-entrance examination to spite my sister because she did not pass. After passing it and learning about the education benefits I decided the military was going to be my new path. I enjoyed my time and travels while in the military, but after being away from home and enduring multiple deployments I decided that I was ready to move on. Initially, my plans were to graduate college and apply to the police academy because I augmented for Security Forces on one deployment and really enjoyed that law enforcement experience. This plan changed instantly on the fateful day of April 9, 2013. I can recall the exact moment I decided that becoming a police officer was no longer the path I would take in life. I was sitting in the hallway on the window sill waiting for my upcoming class with fellow students when we all heard commotion coming from the end of the hallway. We were watching to figure out what was happening, and it just looked like two men arguing. One man walked away and headed towards us down the hallway. The man that stayed behind, who was a fellow classmate, yelled to us that the other man had hit him. Not thinking that the situation was too horribly…

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