Why I Learned The Counseling Experience Essay

925 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
I met with my nutrition consultant, Maria Winkworth, on Thursday November 4th. Overall, I thought the counseling experience was very useful as it was a good reality check to what food groups I am missing in my diet that are crucial to my health. The consultation made me realize that I should also try to exercise more to benefit my overall lifestyle. Despite my picky eating habits, together Maria and I were able to compromise on reachable goals that I could achieve. I realized that since being at college I have eaten very few servings of fruit. I had filled the form out at the beginning of the semester and since then my eating habits have not really changed. At home, I ate multiple servings of fruit daily. Because I prefer berries and I find that the only fruits served in the dinning hall are cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, apples and bananas, I have avoided fruit in general. I probably have fruit once a week at most here. To improve this eating habit, Maria helped me make a goal to have two servings of fruit a day. To achieve this, I plan to have a serving of fruit with each meal. Although bananas and apples are not my favorite fruits, I do not mind eating them. I also think the fruit in Schine is better quality and fresher than the fruit in the dining hall, so I decided that it’s a manageable goal to go to Schine often and get a container of fruit for my room. At home, my mom often made me smoothies, which contributed to my daily servings of fruit. Because I love…

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