Why I Don 't Doubt Will Be Edited Authors Essay

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Artist Statement

At the start of the semester, entering English 416, I felt very nervous and unworthy of being in the class. I was intimidated by great writers who wrote so easily and who I don’t doubt will be published authors someday. This course was my first upper level English class and I felt unqualified as the class felt like a whole different ballgame and I had only been told in high school that I wrote well. At the start of the course my writing lacked an overall point, and my characters had no depth. At the end of the semester, my writing is still not perfect but I can see a positive change in it. The craft element that has improved the most for me personally was the use of showing versus telling. In the very first paper that we read in the class I look back at how flat the paper was. Later on, for my workshop paper, I had several peers comment that I needed to show them the character’s emotion. In the last paper that we had to read aloud and had a mini workshop with, my peers told me that something positive in my writing was showing instead of telling. It’s definitely great to see progress and I am now much more conscious of this in my writing. Even though I feel like my writing has improved since the start of the semester, I still have a lot to work on. At the moment my greatest challenge is creating meaningful dialogue, and having a strong fictional time. I really would like to learn more about these two things and grow in them so that in the future they…

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