Why I Chose Washington State Essay

2681 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
On a particularly sunny morning in Washington, Mr. Charbonnel, sipping on a mug of tea over skype, answered my question regarding his choice in university. He gave me two separate answers to my questions. The first answer being the one he gave to his family and friends, “I wanted to go to school with my sister so I applied to Washington State!”. But after a moment’s chuckle he responded, “The actual reason why I choose Washington State over any other school was that I had procrastinated all first semester, and it was the only school that was actually still taking applicants.”. Having known Mr. Brandon Charbonnel most of my life, once as a teacher now as a friend and a somewhat of a role model, I was satisfied with the second answer he had given me because it sounded like the man I know. I asked him about his childhood, and he gave me very short answers and told me that the interesting part of his life that I wanted to know more about were not within these years but the years that followed 10-15 years after. He listed 4 things about his childhood, he was born in the state of Washington, he was homeschooled until the 4th grade, he started going to “normal” (later mentioned that he was at a private school) after that, and that since the first year at the normal school he has always been known to be good at math (perhaps why he ended up as a “math” teacher). After the short conversation about his childhood he started sipping at his tea again and told me a story from his…

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