Why I Become A Teacher Essays

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Why teach? That is the question. There are many different reasons I want to become a teacher. The biggest one being that “next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society” according to DESE (Missouri’s top website for teacher stuff). Coming from a private grade school to a public high school, having experienced many different teaching styles, some teachers had their masters in education and others simply had their bachelors in their content area. Educators benefit through high degree based personal education because their abilities to teach and understand students are enhanced which in turn improves the student 's ability to become academically prepared.
Teachers are much more than they seem. Teachers wear many different hats throughout their career. They are counselors and confidantes to troubled teens, and some days they are the closest things kids see to parents. Other days they go without to make sure students have everything they need. Teachers remain dedicated even during their hardest days, and they do it all for their students. Many of the teachers Sullivan has could make much much more money out in the “real world” compared to the money they make as a teacher, but they choose to take a lesser salary and do something they love everyday, which is teaching children/teens the ins and outs of life. They spend a good chunk of their lives becoming educated in many different areas to ensure that we are readily prepared for…

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