Examples Of Co-Teaching Service Delivery Model

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Co- teaching service delivery model: what is it, what is good about it, what is bad about it and does it fit the needs of everybody? These are extremely important inquires to look into before stepping into the classroom with special needs children. First because as a teacher you need every tool in your corner to help make you a successful teacher and second to help the student has every opportunity to learn and be able to comprehend the lessons being taught.
What is co-teaching? Cook and Friend define it as, “two or more professionals delivering substantive instruction to a diverse or blended group of students in a single physical space"(p2.) (Cook and Friend) What exactly does this look like? There are several ways that this can be done,
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Co-teaching can be beneficial for everybody. First, the teachers benefit because they would have varying tenure so they can learn from each other and their teaching methods. A second benefit is Special Need Students can be streamlined and be able to have general education with individualized assistance if needed and access to the same curriculum as general education students. Also, with streamlined classrooms it helps students to intermingle with each other and learn about each other. Therefore students can learn beyond the disability of the special need student and learn their personality and who they really are. This helps special needs students gain self –esteem and “a number of teacher have noted that many students with disabilities ‘lost’ their labels”(p.400) (Walther-Thomas) when integrated with general education …show more content…
The teachers having different tenures is a great help, but can also be a hindrance. Between the teachers they have a lot of decisions needing to be made such as; who will do the grading or will it be divided, who is going to teach who or what subject, and is there going to be a lead teacher and if so who will take the role. These are just some of the issues that co-teaching could cause there are also some additional stresses on the students as well. Different teaching styles can cause confusion in learning for the students. By streamlining Special Need students into the class room it can cause the teachers to get behind in the lessons because they are stopping or slowing down to make sure everybody is caught up or The Special Need students could fall behind because the pace is too fast for them.
Co-teaching can be beneficial for all students in the classroom because there is extra support available for anything they might need help in. As mentioned before students also get a chance to become acquainted with one another and look beyond any disabilities to be able to get to know who they really

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