Essay on Why I Am A Teacher

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The earliest memory I have of me wanting to become a teacher, is from the first time that I went to my aunt’s classroom before school started in late August when I was about six years old. My aunt taught in an underprivileged school in Brooklyn where she was a first grade teacher and she was always trying to make the classroom more fun and comfortable for her students. She would take me to the store where we would buy new decorations. She would give me tape to hang up different posters around the room while she stuck the name tags onto the student’s desk. I remember organizing her desk and saying, “I can’t wait until I have a classroom to decorate like this”. I always looked up to my aunt because she was only twenty when I was born and still living at my Grandma’s until she was about twenty-five so she was a large influence on my decision to become a teacher. On the other hand, my youngest sister, Krystal, has a bad reading disability so I have been helping her for years. I also volunteered with a specialized science club in high school for the special education students which also stood the main influence as to my decision to become a special education teacher. All throughout elementary school and most of middle school, I was the most shy child you could ever meet. I remember being in elementary school and out of the three years I spent in that school, I never said a single word more than I needed to. I would make a couple of friends and then not talk to anyone else;…

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