Essay about Why I Am A Nurse

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What was my role in the situation? Did I feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Why? As a nurse, I play an important role in empowering patients in taking control over their illness and disability. One of the assumptions of Virginia Henderson’s theory, the nurse and the patient are working in partnership towards a common goal of independence or peaceful death. Being a nurse, I have a unique function to assist the sick and well persons.
Significantly, I possess the responsibility of an accurate, systematic and comprehensive assessment to the client as part of the nursing care plan. As I develop and fulfill this role, therapeutic communication indeed plays a vital role to impart the right information to the patient. With this assertion, the pain and discomfort can be resolved or minimized.
Without question, I felt at ease with the achievement of my role. The focal point of my nursing profession is caring. Likewise, as a nurse, I play a key role in the larger healthcare picture, and make a critical impact at every turn.

What actions did I take? How did I and others act? Was it appropriate?

The essence of nursing is caring. Caring is important; however, it is not enough to simply care but it must include the ability to think and to take appropriate health action and it must be done at the right time. Caring also includes special concern, interest, or feeling capable of promoting a nurse-client relationship. I have truly learned that on the occasion that a patient…

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