Why I Am A. Class Is Structured Is Just Right And The Best Essay

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Having self- confidence in writing is essential and it never crossed my mind that I would found myself struggling with writing throughout the semester. While I started the class feeling confident, but was quickly humbled to the point I lost a bit of my confidence along the way. I like the peer reviews as it provided a chance to look at other students work and gain encouragement or provide insight on what was required. I think the way the class is structured is just right and the essays used for each assignment were on point and justified the notion that, not everyone will enjoy, or be touched by an essay, nor does it have to capture every audience. Just because my work does not intrigue every reader that should not discourage my writing ability to capturing events on paper exposing the different shades of emotions that happen naturally in life. My portfolio glides the reader through a series of emotions that every human faces at some point in their lives, starting with fear through the survival essay, then the lack of appreciation from a job that consumes the better part of the day, to the gruesome glimpse of sadness with the lyrical essay peering death in the eye that flowed from my mind on to paper. I like to think every journey is a precursor on what is to come and why my entire portfolio is called “Emotions.” The order I have chosen to place my writing in will show that no matter the stage in life or how a person feels, there is beauty in writing and always let the inner…

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