Why God Can Not Be A Higher Power Essay

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To me God cannot be put into a definition, or at least one that can be put into words. He is an all-knowing presence that exists all around us. God can have several different names and everyone has different beliefs and religions about there own specific God. Muslims have Allah, Buddhists have Buddha, Catholics have God, and Christians have God. I personally believe God to be a higher power, a spirit within us allowing us to have a distinction between right and wrong, giving us guidance and support when we need it. He is the ruler of our world and allows things to happen when needed. Some people believe that the world is just a world full of coincidences and a series of events unrelated to each other with no bigger plan in the end. They believe that things just happen because they happen. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is only a “coincidence”. That our God has a plan for us and even though we may veer off that path a little bit, it is all part of something greater. There are several arguments in which people can argue for his existence and against it.
The three main arguments for God’s existence are the mind, heart and will. St. Thomas Aquinas argues for God’s existence with five main points; argument from causality, argument from necessity, argument from design, and argument of gradation. He reflects on God’s existence using natural reasoning. He states that if all things are in motion, as clearly stated within laws of science, that there…

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