Essay about Why Games Are Good For You

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Steve Johnson’s, “Why Games are Good For You”, is part of his best-selling book Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter, which was published in 2005. Johnson writes about science and culture, specifically the impact of cyber technology on human perception and communication (481). Through this essay, Johnson defends the value of video games, along with other past times that are considered a waste of time. His main claim is that video games teach us how to think, which in turn helps us make decisions and form attitudes based on the decisions we make. He stresses that video games are good for us because they improve so much more than just hand-eye coordination. Johnson begins his essay by showing us the different types of arguments that people make about video games. For example, he makes a reference from Andrew Solomon’s essay “The Closing of the American Book” in which Solomon claims that those who read books are more likely to succeed, and those that don’t are headed towards disaster and more likely to become insensitive (Johnson 482). Johnson also goes on to ask what would be said if video games came before books? His answer is that we would think of books the same way we think of video games today and only look at the negative aspects instead of the positive ones. For this reason, Johnson believes that we have a hard time accepting new ways of developing and gaining knowledge. He reminds us that even the most avid reader…

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