Why Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal Essay

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Euthanasia can be defined as “the act or practice of killing hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy; also : the act or practice of allowing a hopelessly sick or injured patient to die by taking less than complete medical measures to prolong life—called also mercy killing,” (merriam-webster.com). As with any debate there are those that are for legalizing the mater and those that are against it. Those are against legalizing physician-assisted suicide generally use the moral , and religious reasons, and those that are for legalizing argue separation of church and state, and argue that it should be the person choice. Physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill should be made legal.
People’s attitudes towards euthanasia tend to vary. It was found that their opinion on the subject varied based of ethnicity. Whites, Chinese, and Japanese were found a more accepting attitude toward euthanasia, than African Americans, Hawaiian Americans, and Filipinos. Possibilities for thinking may be raced or religious beliefs or socioeconomic demographics, (Espino 2010).
Different generations also tend to have a different view on euthanasia. In a study it was found that older people were less inclined to be in favor of physician assisted suicide while their family members were in favor of it. “Physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients was favored by 39.9% of 168 elderly patients, but…

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