Why Educators Should Be Responsible For The Children They Teach Because They Have A Big Influence On Students

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Educators should be responsible to the children they teach because they have a big influence on students. Furthermore, Australia is a multicultural society in today’s world so it is significant for educators to respect, accept every child and treat them equally as everyone else. And many children think their teachers are the models in their life so it is important for teachers to understand issues of diversity and difference involving multiculturalism, poverty and gender stereotyping. This essay will be elaborate these three issues by the unit readings, Early Years Learning Framework and Australia curriculum.

Multiculturalism means people from different countries or cultural backgrounds living in a country apart from their origin. According to Bowes, Grace & Hodge’s (2012, p. 75) viewpoints, diversity can be measured in different ways. The number of people who speak a language other than English at home or who come from different countries. In addition, people from different ethnic group can practice and share their own cultures, religions and beliefs to this country. However, Lawrence (2012, p. 78) suggests that there are three approaches to describing change in children who come to settle in a new country as immigrants or refugees including change in a sense of place, change in a sense of identity and change in moving into some specific parts of a culture. So, teachers should be accepted, respected and tolerance to children. Nevertheless, children can only learn to be…

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