Why Do You Need A Car? Essay

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After a while Hera approached the bar again. “I was wondering if your offer to help still stands?”
Kanan gave a charming smile and flipped the hand towel he was wiping the counter with over his shoulder. “What do you need?” he said leaning on the counter. The Twi’lek gave a coy smile of her own and leaned in closer. “I want your car keys.” The words took a second to register in Kanan’s mind. “Whoa, wait, what?” The look on Hera’s face changed from sultry to sincere. “I need to borrow your car, just for a little while. An hour or two at the most.” “Why do you need a car?” “I was supposed to meet someone here, someone who was going to bring me something, only now he tells me that it was intercepted and he no longer has it.” “Do you know who does?” “Yeah,” Hera’s voice took on a flinty tone “an old acquaintance of mine. I plan on getting it back.” Kanan sighed. “I don’t know…” It was a long-standing habit of his to avoid getting unnecessarily involved in others’ conflicts. He looked again at Hera. “Okadiha! I’m taking the rest of the night off!” But then again Kanan was never very good at following rules, even if they were his own. “What’s so important that’s got you yelling across the bar?” Okadihia said as he drew close. He saw Hera. “I should have known. Fine, go, but exit the bar like you’re supposed to. I don’t want you vaulting over it again.”

As they made their way further into the downtown the more run down the buildings became, it got quieter and the few…

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