School Uniform Speech

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Hello I'm Maddi Rose, my partners are Sophia Farenga and Madison Mueller. Today my group and I are taking the side that kids should not wear uniforms to public schools. The first amendment says that people have freedom of expression. School uniforms shows neither of those things. According to, “The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely.” 13 year old Kamran Khan stood outside his impoverished family, doused himself with gasoline, and set himself on fire. The explanation for this was because his lower class family could not afford a school uniform for their son. Kamran died on March 30th, lying in an army-run hospital with burns covering 65% of his body. …show more content…
I take this position because schools are punishing students if they do not wear the uniform that the school provided for them. It can affect one’s self image, and that they are to high in cost.
One reason I think this is because schools are punishing the students if they do not wear the uniforms that the school provided for them. For example, if a student does not wear the uniform to school the teacher has to notify the students parents and give the student there first warning. Also, if they don't wear the uniform the second and third time they get an in-school suspension, and an out-school suspension. In addition, If they don't wear the uniform the fourth time they have to go to a disciplinary board and face a possible "sentence" of transfer to MAP Academy, the alternative school. Parents have to fill out a file suit and head for court all for wearing a school uniform and standing up for what's right. According to the article, “ All dressed up and nowhere to go,” states. The article also states that “In December 1965, Mary Beth Tinker, John Tinker and Chris Eckhardt, three teenagers from Des Moines, Iowa, were suspended for going to school wearing black armbands to protest the war in Vietnam. Represented by the ACLU, the students and their families embarked on a four-year court battle that culminated in the landmark Supreme Court decision: Tinker vs Des Moines. In Tinker, the Court ruled that students do not "shed
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School uniforms don't show your self image, they cost too much and punish the kids if they do not wear the uniforms the school provided for them. According to the article CNN, it states “last year, 5-year-old Cooper Barton was told to turn his University of Michigan T-shirt inside-out because it violated school rules. The dress code in Oklahoma City's public schools said students may only wear shirts from Oklahoma colleges and universities. The 2005 policy was put into place to deter gang activity.” This shows that schools are punishing kids if they do not wear the uniforms that the school provide for them. This kid was punished by embarrassment. In the article, it states that "He was a little embarrassed," his mother, Shannon Barton said. Kids want to be able to show other people who they are. They are not able to do that by wearing uniforms that the school provides for them. Kids all of the world are disappointed and upset by not being able to wear their own clothes. My opinion on this would be that “yeah” school uniforms are easy because you don't have to be worried about picking out your clothes, but they actually have a lot of negatives to them. They don't allow you to express your creativity in clothes. If I were one of these kids I would be very upset and disappointed. I would not be comfortable and I would not be happy. What would you do if your 5 year old kid came home upset and

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