Why Do Grades Make Students Lazy

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Students are smarter than a grade on their report card! In some schools students are given complete anecdotal evaluations instead of report card grades, where the teachers give written comments and they have a meeting. A large group of people agree for reasons such as how it will boost student’s confidence or how grades put extra pressure on a student. Some also agree grades don't completely measure everything that a student is capable of, and some say grades make students lazy. There are lots of reasons that anecdotal evaluations are better than report cards. The first reason is that it encourages students that the work they are doing is being recognized and appreciated. Some students might get depressed or discouraged about their grades, others might get discouraged that their friends did better or insecure because their parents are pressuring them, if they don't feel they are being recognized they might shut down and stop trying. “I remember the first time that a grading rubric was attached to a piece of my writing….Suddenly all the joy was taken away. I was writing for a grade — I was no longer exploring for me. I want to get that back. Will I ever get that back?” said a student in a 2006 study. If we want students to feel excited, comfortable and proud about the work that they are doing then we should stop giving them letters and …show more content…
Lots of students resort to cheating to get better grades but Darcy Campbell, a Grade 6-7 teacher from Chaffey Burke Elementary says “a lot less students would cheat as much if their teachers believed in them.”. Some students might be a really good student and get B’s but aren't good enough to get an A, and even though B’s are a good grade, they might want to do better for their future. If they try their best and the grade they get doesn't reflect that then they might get discouraged and won't keep trying their

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