The Pros And Cons Of Grading Policy

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The grading policy takes less stress off students and puts more stress on the faculty. Today, students just strive to make a 70 or above to pass and finish the course. The grading policy makes it easier for students to cheat or fail without any consequences. Students play the numbers in their head to see what grade they get so they don’t fail the course and have to go to summer school. Now, teachers run after their students to get them to turn in work so that they pass. However, the most effect solution is to get the district needs to toughen the grading policy and put it into effect where students can not abuse it.
The current grading policy has two sections; formative grades, which are homework and assignments and summative grades, which
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With a more beneficial grading policy in affect, students will not be able to use excuses that “they were sick” or “I forgot” because they won’t get any second chances. “Many teachers are under greater pressure than ever before,” (Beers) Teachers will not have to spend every night grading late work and getting their grades turned in on time. They can spend more time in the course of preparation of their assignments than grading late work. School districts simplify work for the students to help them along and pass, when instead teachers need to ensure that their students are ready for the work load in college and for the rest of their life. Students focus more on how many questions are going to be on the test or how it is going to be graded than the actual material or learning of the subject. Furthermore, students are unmotivated to do work and learn that they don’t turn in their work, but with an advanced grading policy, students will have to turn their work in and boost their …show more content…
However, if students do their assignments on time and in class, there would be no need for them to complain that they are stressed out because if they show up to class they will get their work done. The only solution to students abusing the grading policy, is to execute a more difficult and precise grading policy where the students cannot blow it off. By the remodel of the grading policy, students will do what is expected of them and turn their work in on time while they are learning lifelong traits that will help them in college and the work

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