Why Do Food Costs So More Nutritious Foods? Essay

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Personally, I love eating healthy in order to create for myself good eating habits. To me eating healthy means to maintain a well balanced consumption of nutritious foods versus junk food. As food prices rise it appears that the healthier foods in a grocery store cost more than the convenient prepackaged foods. But what drives the cost of food, and what are the determining factors for food choices? Considering many perspectives, I have come to the conclusion that people are influenced to buy less nutritious foods from the easy convenience they offer and the lower prices ultimately promote negative eating habits, and as a result the more costly foods are an inconvenience that could create beneficial eating habits and better health in the long run. First, it is imperative that we must identify the components that urge the increase of food prices. There are multiple narrow factors like drought and labor shortage that build on each other in order to cause food prices to rise. However, there are three leading ideas of why food costs so much, one, the cost of production, two, the transportation from farm to market or factory to grocer, and three, the demand for more food. Previously, I mentioned two elements that contribute to the inflation of food prices including weather and workers. When these concepts are put together they can be analyzed as one theory for the rise in the cost of food production. Across the United States the weather in some places can be very unpredictable.…

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