Why Do Books Be Banned

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If you were a parent are there any children’s books you would ban your kids from reading? There are hundreds of children’s books that are banned for small things. Most are banned for containing some form of LGBT content. The word “Banned” can mean many things but i’m focusing on how books aren’t shown to kids in certain libraries and/or they’re very disputed over. I feel it’s wrong to ban children from reading any form of children’s book. If it wasn’t okay for children to read it wouldn’t be categorized in that way. There are many books that are considered banned because of LGBT content but I am going to be focusing on the few most controversial books and other reasons why books can be banned.

And Tango Makes Three is most likely the most disputed over book that I will be discussing. It is about two male penguins who adopt an egg and when it hatches they name the baby penguin Tango.This is a play off of
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This can result in the child seeing poorly of their parents and becoming detached from them. Parents should be more worried about what their children want people to think then what they want people to think. People will do anything to get these books banned so they don’t have to deal with uncomfortable topics. I feel people are worried when they shouldn’t be. There are other things to worry about, more important topics such as war and politics.

Children's books are called “children’s books” for a reason. They contain content that is okay for a child. So when you ban such books you are depriving your child of a diverse reading selection. Books are banned due to parents being uncomfortable with the content not because children shouldn’t read them. If parents keep this cycle of banning what they don’t want to hear it’s just going to force children to find out about it another

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