Why Did The Nazis Become Popular Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The Number of unemployed grew; people starved on the streets. In the crisis, people wanted someone to blame, and looked to extreme solutions - Hitler offered them both, and Nazi success in the elections grew. Germans turned to Nazism because they were desperate. The number of Nazi seats in the Reichstag rose from 12 in 1928 to 230 in July 1932. To Hitler, this depression was like a gift because for every problem the Nazi Party had come up with an explanation or promise. These included; promise to get rid of the hated Weimar government and replace it with a strong leader-Hitler, a promise to get people back to work on road building and public works, and a promise to deal with a communist take-over.

In a time of chaos (the depression) people chose to support Hitler because of his discipline and his promises he inflicted on the German general public. The organisation of the Weimar government also helped Hitler's rise to power because of its many weaknesses; it had many enemies, it had proportional representation, Article 48, the president had too much power and the states could be hostile to the national government. Most importantly the proportional representation helped Hitler. Proportional representation meant that the governments had to be
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In these speeches, Hitler would use propaganda on things to make them sound a lot better than they actually were. This had an effect on the public as it enticed them into being alongside Hitler. He also used the propaganda to persuade the people into joining the Nazi party by saying things that aren't necessarily true.
Another way in which the Nazis used propaganda was by the media. They used the media to try and show a false truth as most people believe what people say on things such as radio and televisions etc. This was a very effect way of using propaganda as people would listen to it when doing activities at home. The people didn't have to even go outside their own homes in order to here Hitler and what he had to say. This made people go to see and see Hitler at his rallies and thus converting them into the Nazi party.
In November 1932, Hitler, in the Reichstag elections, the Nazi Party won 37.3% of the votes (230 seats) proving the Nazi party to be the most popular party. President Hindenburg however, despised Hitler and appointed Franz Von Papen as his chancellor. General Von Schleicher stopped supporting Von Papen and decided he himself should become chancellor. This triggered off a power struggle between Von Schleicher and Von Papen, which ended up with them handing power to

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