Why Did Lebron James Go Back For Cleveland? Essay

700 Words Nov 11th, 2014 3 Pages
In today’s society, one could make the assumption that Americans care very, very deeply for their sports teams. These fans would be able to answer questions like, “Why did LeBron James go back to Cleveland” or “Which NFL team is currently ranked as number one in the nation?” Sports fans may also be capable of recognizing brands. According to an article by Lars-Haue Pedersen, a brand is a more widespread and defined as a “distinctive picture and association positioned in the mind of consumers of an object (product, service) or a subject (person, institution).” Pederson continues to say that brands spark creativity in minds, and can manipulate patterns amid consumers. The objective is to find a way to differentiate the pictures or products from the competitors (Pederson “Why is Branding So Important?”). In any sport, there are the winners and the losers. This means that the players are always competing for the “top” spots on the podium. As Pederson stated, this “win-lose” philosophy is applied to brands as well. With the combination of competitiveness and the need to vary from others, sports brands have taken over. When we, as Kansas State University fans, hear the word “wildcat,” we associate it with our team: the purple and white: our wildcats. The same reaction is produced when wearing the colors. The marketing and branding has done its job well. Sports branding is equivalent to big business. An outstanding team will posses increased profitability for its brand. This…

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