Why Did King Arthur Enter The Korean War

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MacArthur had reacted to the events that were in Korea so he had the UN troops help him since he had the okay from Truman. He had surprised North Korea when he and the UN had attack them, but he was also going to invade China. Truman had given the job to MacArthur because Truman wanted peace between North and South Korea but Truman had not wanted the Chinese to have a reason to join the war so he had told MacArthur to stay away from the China border. I believe that it would be Truman's because he had known what would happen if MacArthur had gone to close to the China border. Which when MacArthur had went by the China border it had made chaos because over 300,000 troops from China had join North Korea which made the war last longer because China and North Korea had pushed the UN and South Korean troops past the 38th parallel. No because MacArthur had …show more content…
had interfered with the Koreans invasion.

Korean had started the war.

General MacArthur wanted to beat the North Korean's army

But the North Koreans were to strong for him to fight them alone.

So Truman had given the okay to MacArthur to command the U.S. and UN forces. MacArthur's successful counterattack at Inchon was widely praised.

Truman was trying to keep the UN troops away from the China because that would be a less chance that they would enter the war.

But MacArthur had disobey Truman's order to leave them be but because they had joined the war it lasted longer than it would have.

Truman had relieved MacArthur because he had went against Truman's orders.

The UN troops were suppose to stay away from the border of China and North Korea.

But MacArthur and the UN troops had went to close to the China border

So the Chinese had moved so they could assist the North Korean troops and they had pushed UN and South Korean troops past the 38th parallel.

The United Nations wanted to bring back peace to North and South Korea.

But the Chinese troops were joining the North Korea for the

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