Essay about Why Did He Address Friendships?

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Solomon compels his son to listen to his advice regarding friendships in the introductory chapter of Proverbs. Flee from evil and stop hanging out with bad company for bad company corrupts good morals every time. Why did he address friendships first? Wisdom is the answer. Solomon knew that before his child would need information pertaining to engagement and marriage, he would make friends. As parents, we should pay attention to the friends in our child’s life. As we push and pull with parental cords of approval and disapproval, be careful not to alienate the child. Our strong suggestions have a tendency to make matters worse. A couple of years ago, my daughter wanted to go the junior prom with a hoodlum. This boy, along with his homies, had the audacity to pick on another boy in the school bathroom and post their shenanigans on Facebook. I was appalled with his behavior enough to bring the video to my daughter’s attention. After her first line of defense was released and failed, she began to see my expressed concern in the lack of character in this young man. Furthermore, did she want to be considered a gangster by association? While she was stewing on the previous question, I was busy digging up every possible bone on her would-be prom date. My private investigator skills surpassed my natural talent as I went into protection mode. My inclination from one Facebook video uncovered illegal drug use, trouble with the law, and a tendency to be a Casanova. Find…

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