The Hero Of Nat Turner And The Slave Hero

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No one can be considered a hero because to some people their acts that make him or her seem a hero can be controversial. A person who is seen as a hero but is also seen as someone who acted out of vengeance was Nat Turner. Nat Turner was born into slavery on October 2, 1800 in Southampton, Virginia (“Nat Turner’s Rebellion”). His experience as a slave was the same as any other slave; no freedom, no rights, and couldn’t do anything unless his master told him to. Nat Turner was sold to various different masters like every slave. “ It was this brutal, demeaning, system of slavery that Nat Turner sought to overthrow. He sought not only his own freedom, but to dismantle the entire system of slavery and liberate African Americans from white tyranny” …show more content…
Nat Turner was a born slave in the year of 1800 in Southampton, Virginia and like every slave living in the South, Turner, had no freedom and no rights. He was a spiritual leader. Visions from God are what encouraged Turner to initiate his plan, the last sign was when Turner saw the sun to be blue and green color. August 22, 1831 was when Turner and 6 fellow slaves began their attack, after killing everyone in the Travis household the group of men went to different farms. The group of men recruited more slaves to join the rebellion and killed an estimated amount of fifty five white people. The rebellion came to an end in the town of Jerusalem where many of the slaves were caught, however, Turner was able to escape. Turner and his accomplices planned another attack that night, however, it was not possible for the to fulfill the plan. Turner spent two months in hiding, however, he was caught on October 31. Turner was convicted and hung afterwards his body was skinned. The rebellion cause more malicious laws to be put against slaves, not allowing slaves to have the little freedom they did have before the rebellion broke lose. Many innocent slaves were accused of taking place in the rebellion and were also convicted and hung. By many African Americans this rebellion was seen as a way of the white people getting a taste of their own medicine and showing them how cruel they were to them. Some people are considered heroes, however, if their action went against someone else’s belief they are considered the opposite of a

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