Nat Turner: Most Rebellions In Slave History

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Nat Turner

Nat Turner was born on October 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Virginia born into slavery. Nat Turner was married sometime around 1822 to Cherry Turner in the plantation of Samuel Turner. Nat Turner started one of the biggest rebellions in slave history, killing 55 white people, then running away for two months, then found and hung in Courtland, Virginia, at the Belmont Plantation owned by Dr. Samuel Blunt. Nat Turner was brought into a very religious family on the Belmont Plantation, Turner escaped slavery in 1821 from his former brothers owner John Travis. Nat Turner worked at 3 different plantations, then stayed at John Travis’s escaping the plantation with six other people.
Nat started conducting religious services at the Barnes’s Church near the North Carolina border. Nat Turner lived to be only 31 and had a good life fighting against the white people for freedom to get out of slavery he escaped slavery when he was 21 and he never got caught until his death. Turner then started a rebellion against the white people first when he left, he killed all of Master Travis’s family and his baby then took off. Nat Turner then killed 50 more people with him and his crew and were wanted very much. After Turner’s rebellion they arrested and executed 57 blacks being part of Turner’s rebellion then Turner ran away and
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Nat Turner went down to be one of the bravest slaves in history fighting back against the white people was bad and you could punished very badly. Nat Turner didn't do it because he wanted to it's because he was the prophet and god told him to do it for the uprising of slaves. “As a small child, Turner was thought to have some special tal ent because he could describe things that happened before he was even

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