The Rebellion Of Nat Turner

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“You have asked me to give a history of the motives which induced me to undertake the late insurrection, as you called it- To do so I must go back to the days of my infancy, and even before I was born”. Born on October 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Virginia, Nat Turner was the leader of one of the most bloodiest rebellion in America. The Rebellion of Nat Turner is a historical day where we can remember the bloody massacre that lead to the death of 55 whites and over 200 blacks. Turner remains a controversial figure in US History. Some considered him a man of god who acted against injustice and immorality. Others believe he was a terrorist motivated by pure evil. Regardless, Nat Turner is a pivotal figure in American history and an …show more content…
The rebellion was to be made on the 4th of July but it was postponed because Turner became ill. On August 13 the sun appeared to be a bluish-green, Turner took this as his final signal and on August 21 him and 6 other man met in the woods to go over their plans. At sunrise they went to the Travis household where they kill the family as they were sleeping and from then on they continued house by house killing all the white people they encountered. On August 22 Turner decided to go to Jerusalem, by that time word got out about the rebellion. Turner and his followers were confronted by a militia, some of the rebellions were capture and kill and the ones that escape spend the night next to some slaves cabin. Turner and his men try to attack another house but were repulsed, several of the slaves were captured and the remaining met the force of the state and the federal troops in a final entercour in which slaves were killed and many escape including Turner. At the end of the day the rebels had shot, stabbed and beat at least 55 white people to death.

After the rebellion Turner went into hiding near Travis farm but was discovered and captured. Nat Turner was tried in the Southampton County Court sentence to execution, he was hanged and the skinned on November
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It was an act of vile, evil and dishonorable and during that time it show the whole world that both white and black where vicious human beings. The Rebellion not only killed innocent people but it also brought harsher treatment to slaves and tighter protocols. After the massacre suspects were track down, the court executed sixteen and jailed many more. The southerners never recovered from the fear of an emerging slave insurrections despite the wordy reassurances of Thomas R. Dew and the proslavery propagandists that there was nothing to fear (American History). The Rebellion had a great impact on American History because it all started with slavery and slavery is the main reason that America even existed, it was the foundation of what we now called United

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