Socrates Rhetoric Analysis

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Socrates as one of the founders of Western philosophy opened a new chapter for the humankind. He considers rhetoric as a form of deception which only casually informs people for the sake of arguing for egotistical motives. He initially has started questioning almost everything around him and was looking for logical answers. So, as a person, who believed in the reasons he did not want to accept any position without a thought.

Socrates believed that the art of rhetoric does not require lots of research and in-depth knowledge. People, who are not a subject matter expert, write and speak based on rhetoric. He argued that in a sense rhetorician does not have the knowledge required for virtue. Criticizing rhetoricians, he explained that it is not
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Right and wrong, justice and injustice were the themes of Socrates debates.
According to his philosophy, to value hard earned expertise and to be intellectually honest one should have an orderly mind and self-control.

He is one of few philosopher, who proved his words in action. During his trial, he has been tested to distance himself from the position, which was widely challenged by his opponents. After his conviction, he had few options to save his life. One of those options was to escape. Though, he called that an act of civil disobedience and through this he regarded justice as the most essential of all virtues for ordering interpersonal relations and determining and upholding a steady society.

There is an order to things around the world. However, the significant division between the philosophies is about the order to life and our understanding. Those, who develop a virtuous habit can realize virtue.
Nevertheless, the people, who are lacking a final cause do not believe in
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He wanted the citizens ' well-being and livelihood to be contemplated before any laws were made permanent. Even though Aristotle was not born in Athens he had this great philosophical touch with the ancient Athens. He was born in was Stagirus, however, he was focused so much on the city-state or Athens, so it played a major role in his philosophy.

The preaching of Aristotle about democracy was not as its definition today. He explained democracy as the principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community. He believed that Athens needs a ruler accordingly to his philosophy and it was not only a city but a center of democracy for him.

Aristotle describes political community and cities in a unique way. He explains the differences between the other types of communities and partnerships and he bring examples of household and village. The highest form of a community is the polis. Aristotle comes to this conclusion that the humans are political animals; therefore he believes that the public life is far more virtuous than the

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