Impeach President Johnson Case Study

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1. Why did Congress try to impeach President Johnson?
The impeachment of President Johnson seemed to be more of a political and dispute matter as opposed to Johnson conducting a high crime or misdemeanor. Although he narrowly escaped removal from office, it was very clear from the start that his policies and plans or opposition for reconstruction were unpopular with radical republicans and congress. Before we get into the legal reasoning for his impeachment, we have to understand his conflicts and oppositions he had with congress and the radical republicans who deeply opposed his views on issues regarding enforcing laws in the south and ensuring former slaves get the freedom that they deserve. One way that the two sides differed was about
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And although the slaves were freed, three new amendments were added to the constitution to ensure that the former slaves were guaranteed freedom. The 13th amendment to the constitution of the United States abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, unless you have been convicted of a crime. The amendment was passed by congress on April 8th 1864 and by the senate on January 31st 1865. The next amendment that was passed during reconstruction was the 14th, which addressed the issue of citizenship rights and equal protection for former slaves. This amendment was ratified on July 9th, 1868 and granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States, which included recently freed slaves. The 14th amendment also included 2 other provisions witch are the Due process clause, declared that states may not deny any person ‘Life, Liberty or property without due process. The equal protection clause said that a state may not deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. And lastly the 15th Amendment was adapted to the US constitution in 1870 witch granted African Americans the right to vote. The 15th amendment states “ The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the …show more content…
However his leadership skills did not seem to translate well during his years as President of the United States. After a disastrous Johnson administration, the stage was set for him to deal with reconstruction in a more aggressive and uniting manner. Grant supported the 15th amendment and also made an effort to protect the civil rights of African Americans and also enforced laws that would limit KKK influence in the south. His foreign policy could be described as somewhat successful although president, although this period was known to be the most stable when it comes to Global events around the world. He also had a very well respected and intelligent secretary of state in Hamilton Fish, who would guide him in most of his foreign policy decisions. Grant and Fish were successful in bringing home American prisoners of Spain, which was their biggest accomplishment in regards to foreign policy because congress would not allow the United States to take control of the Dominican Republic and to purchase lands for a cannel in Panama or Nicaragua. Overall, Grants time in office will forever be known for its scandals and lack of Political intelligence, despite the fact that he was a great leader during war. One of the most infamous scandals being the whisky Ring scandal, involved distillers, Distributors and public officials in joint forces to defraud the federal government in millions of

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