Pros And Cons Of Antidepressants

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Depression should be treated with antidepressants due to various ethical reasons that help basic mental and physical health.
Depression is a serious mood disorder that enables one to easily feel sad, upset, and stressed out. Since depression is common today, more people rely on different types of treatment such as medications and drugs. “The World Health Organization reports that depression is the second leading cause of disability worldwide and, by 2020, is estimated to be the leading cause of disability.” (Banov, 2010). Depression can take over one’s mind which can cause a loss of interest from everyday issues that one should focus on. People might hesitate when it comes to taking antidepressants but they do not know how much they are putting their lives at risk by not taking advantage of them and using it to their own personal mental and physical health
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If one wants to start taking an antidepressant they should consult a doctor and make a choice together for whatever works best for the patient. It is important to view certain pros and cons of antidepressants before jumping to conclusions. Most antidepressants have side effects so one can expect diarrhea, nausea, and other side effects when using antidepressants. Although one may experience certain side effects when using antidepressants most side effects disappear within a few weeks and are only seen in the earlier weeks. Side effects should be the least of worries when taking antidepressants. When patients have a low risk of relapse they may continue using antidepressants for half a year to an even longer amount of time after relapse has been prevented. This is known as the continuation stage. After depression is taken care of by minimal treatment, patients continue to stay on antidepressants. Although it is good not to have to rely on antidepressants, it is always better to avoid negative effects towards one’s body

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