Why Cybersecurity Is An Issue Essay

1361 Words Nov 18th, 2016 6 Pages
As from the previous case study, each friend decided to purchase a laptop for themselves. In which they will be using Wi-Fi network from home, school and when they are working from restaurants that have free Wi-Fi hot spots. Each network might seem a reliable and secure way to navigate the internet, but at times there can be a risk from a malicious website where a person’s identity can be stolen. The intruder can access someone’s device from many things such as downloading a file from the wrong website, or even being connected into a Wi-Fi hot spot, thinking that it is from the restaurant. Now I will explain the following concepts that can help secure and maintain a computer. First I will talk about why cybersecurity is an issue, we need to know in brief detail how our computer can be effected by many different malicious threats, next will be knowing how to secure the computer system against threats, here will be the different software’s that can help protect valuable information on the computer. Also, knowing how to keep the software up to date can help getting updates with newest secure ways to keep the computer save, lastly how to maintain the computer system which consists of having a plan schedule routine and a non-routine computer systems maintenance, a schedule can be planned to set a specific time where the computer can update itself when the person is not using it.
Cyber security has been an issue since the creation of computers and the internet. Today we mostly…

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