Sustainable Computing: The Practice And Goals Of Sustainable Computing

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Abstract: Sustainable Computing refers to a principle that embraces a range of policies, procedures, programs, and attitudes that run from beginning to the end of any use of information technologies.The practice and procedures of using computing resources in an environment friendly way while maintaining overall computing performance.Sustainable computing is receiving more attention with increasing cost of energy and growing environmental disquiets with respect to IT. Sustainable Computing is a one of the important area in IT industry towards scheming, building, operating computer systems and managing E-Wasteto be energy efficient and improving computational efficiency. It is environmentally sustainable to use of computers and related resources …show more content…
One of the main goal of Sustainable Computing is about improving computing performance, reducing the energy consumption &memory consumption. It is effective and efficient approach towards power saving and less amount of heat generated by the Computers. The aim of sustainable computing is power Management and resource management. Using eco-friendly Hardware, efficient algorithms and material recycling Increases the product’s life span. With the help of information and Communication technologies (ICT), sustainable computing becomes an effective approach to reduce Carbon emission. It also implements energy star management Strategies and technologies that reduce energy consumption and E-Waste.Cloud computing provides the next big thing in computing some advanced architectural constructs, some great potential from a monetary aspect, and a very real option to provide a computing platform which is more environmentally eco- …show more content…
Energy Star is a label given to computers and other electronics devices. Energy Star program minimizing the use of powerand maximizing efficiency. One of the first approaches towards sustainable computing was sleep mode function in computers. Sleep Mode function which puts the computer on standby mode to a certain period of time.
According to Wikipedia “The Swedish organization TCO development launch the TCO certification program to promote a low magnetic and electrical emission from Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) based computer display; this program was later expanded to include criteria on energy consumption, ergonomics and the use of hazardous material in construction”. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a survey of over 90 government and companies are working on "Green ICTs", i.e. information and communication technologies, the environment and climate change. The report concludes that initiatives tend to concentrate on the greening ICTs themselves rather than on their actual implementation to tackle global warming and environmental degradation. In general, only 20% of initiatives have measurable targets, with government programs tending to include targets more frequently than business associations.

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